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Tulip/Hyacinths Planting

Bring On The Spring Color!

Are you looking for that pop of color in the spring? We can get you set up for just that!

Materials & bulbs will need to be purchased well before the planting season due to ordering. There will be a retainer collected for these materials. Planting season for Tulips or Hyacinths are late October through November. Labor can be paid on a Monthly Invoice, all at once on one Invoice or spread out over the year on an Annual Plan with a Mowing Service Contract. All Invoices will be due 7 days after Invoice date and subject to a $10.00 late fee per week if Invoice becomes past due.

Payment Options for this service:

Up Front, Per Service, Monthly or Annually

Planting_1st Step_Till.jpg

Step 1 : Till The Bed

Before we till our beds we will put a compost down to mix with the soil. This is the best time to mend the soil due to during the spring and summer your annuals are drawing the nutrients from the dirt. This is a perfect time to put some of that back to help your tulips grow strong and healthy as well as your other annual flowers for the next year.

Step 2 : Remove Tilled Dirt

Time for the hard part! We'll take the tilled dirt out of the bed and put it on a tarped area next to the side. The dug out area should be 5"-6" inches deep. 

Planting_3rd Step_Remove Dirt Completed.jpg
Planting_4th Step_Retill to Soften Base For Easier Planting.jpg

Step 3 : Till The Base Of The Bed

After the tilled dirt is removed and your bed is 5"-6" inches deep, we go ahead and add a bit more compost and till again. This allows a softer area for the Tulip/Hyacinths bulbs to sit when planting and does not allow the bulbs to move or fall over when we put the top soil back in the bed.

Step 4 : Rake Tilled Base Dirt Evenly

Once the bed is tilled now we can rake it evenly prepping for bulb placement.

Planting_5th Step_Rake Tilled Base Flat.jpg
Planting_6th Step_Plant Tulips.jpg

Step 5 : Plant Tulips/Hyacinths

Now the bed is ready to plant. We push the bulbs down into the loose soil firmly to hold. 

Step 6 : Put Dirt Back Into Bed

Once we have your bed full of Tulips/Hyacinths bulbs it's time to put the loose tilled soil back into the bed.  

Planting_7th Step_Refill Bed With Dirt.jpg
Planting_8th Step_Rake Out Dirt Untill Smoth And Even.jpg

Step 7 : Rake Bed Evenly 

Once all the loose soil is placed back into the bed we will rake out the bed evenly for a finished look.


Step 8 : Enjoy!

This step is the best step! In the Spring just sit back and take in all that COLOR!

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