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Hedge Trimming

Hedge's Done Right

Don't trust those hedges to just anyone! You deserve a professional look when they're done and we know how to do it!

Labor can be paid on a Monthly Invoice, all at once on one Invoice or spread out over the year on an Annual Plan with a Mowing Service Contract. All Invoices will be due 7 days after Invoice date and subject to a $10.00 late fee per week if Invoice becomes past due.

Payment options for this service:

Up Front, Per Service, Monthly or Annually

Jackson BEFORE & AFTER.png
Jackson BEFORE & AFTER 4.png
Meador before & after 5.jpg
Meador before & after 1 (2).jpg
Rhodelander before & after 1.jpg
Jackson BEFORE & AFTER 2.png
Meador before & after 4.jpg
Meador before & after 3.jpg
Meador before & after 2.jpg
Rhodelander before & after 2.jpg
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