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Jeremiah Fisher

Owner/Operator of WoobiesLawn LLC


Jeremiah was born and raised in Missouri, joined the Army at 19, went to Basic, then stationed all in Missouri. (let's face it he's a Missouri boy through and through.) Jeremiah served a one year deployment to Iraq in '05 and then after serving 8 years in the Army Reserve was honorably discharged in '07.

He spent the time after looking for the something that he would love to do. Most of the time just finding dead-end jobs or jobs that simply provided a paycheck with no reward. Then he found a job maintaining his church's ball fields and grounds. Jeremiah loved the hard work and the ability to see the reward after the work was done. Let's just say, he was hooked...

Now Jeremiah looks to bring that same dedication and hard work to his own company bringing with him a little "Veteran Flair", patriotism, and Christian ethics to the lawn care field!

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